Bhima-Tek Products Co. Ltd.

Bhima-Tek, the holding company of the Brasten Group of companies.

Bhima-Tek, the holding company of the Brasten Group of companies, is now on its 20th year of dynamic and enthusiastic family management.  It has continuously developed its investments on all the quality products of Brasten Group – whose fluid control business comprises three elements, Badotherm Far East Co. Ltd., Brasten-Analytical Far East Co. Ltd. and Brasten Engineering & Service Co. Ltd. all of which have already established their advantage positions in their respective niche markets.

In January 2008, Bhima-Tek has facilitated the expansion of Badotherm in the Far East region by advancing the construction of a brand new facility in Bangkok.  The facility is equipped with the latest technology to operate as a high-tech service centre for the Badotherm Far East Co. Ltd operations.  Eventually, the whole Brasten Group team moved into the new office site and is still carrying out all corporate activities and technical operations up to present.

Moreover, Bhima-Tek has continually supported all funding on property developments and other important acquisitions by each companies within the group.  It compensates and controls all utility expenses utilized within the premises, and where it also serves as the property-owner and the other three subsidiaries as leaseholders.  In addition, Bhima-Tek also holds ownership over all the brand and logos of each Brasten Group company, in which it apparently secures an exclusive copyright to control its use and reproduction.

As a holding company, hence Bhima-Tek determines various policies regarding administration and risk management.  Primarily, it concentrates over matters considering approval and implementation of financial, budgetary strategies, plans and goals, in addition to overseeing the group’s common objective and achievement with utmost efficiency, openness, transparency and accountability.


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